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Looking at the world laterally, but that’s beside the point ;-)
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Mud can turn into metaphorical gold through recycling waste food. I’ve eaten many a home baked apple pie that testifies to the fact. From a recycled apple core in the garden, and recycled food waste over subsequent years providing compost, a large bough laden apple tree has grown. The apple pies generated from recycling are [...]

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Knowing that it is quicker to get between two bus stops on foot than by bus can be used to catch a bus you were unaware you had missed. There are two commonly recognised bus catching situations, but I propose a third should be considered among them. Situation 1: The bus is yet to arrive. [...]

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Based on past news stories of photographers invading the privacy of UK royals, it would be wise to double check anyone involved in the birth of the awaited new member to the Windsor household. The past has shown that these unscrupulous individuals will gladly take photos without any respect for the minimal attire one may [...]

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Not a conflict of terms in the title, but a reference to a method I’ve used during troublesome commutes. Sometimes there would be a delay or cancellation of  trains, and as a result everyone has to instead take the bus to another station to continue their journey. As buses generally hold significantly less people than [...]

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If we are liable to forget something we make a note, we write it down. This fact can be used to ones advantage with a payment vehicle such as a credit card. Write a four digit number on a sticker and place on the card. Obviously not the actual PIN (personal identification number). Now if [...]

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Most likely you chose to read this post as you feel like I do that bus queue jumpers are uncivil beasts with no consideration for aught but themselves. In the bus boarding scrum an apparent outsider worms their way in front of you and the rest of the queue. The lateral thinking solution to this [...]

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pocket contents in traypocket contents in tray

For the male, pocket contents can be chaotic, consisting of various items to attend to the perceived needs of the day ahead. To bring those chaotic pockets to order with greater organization, and a much increased chance of never forgetting to carry an important item – particularly when changing trousers – the following method may [...]

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Baby names? That’s illogical Captain! Ever heard of someone having a baby and seeking names for their child? Often the term “Baby names” is used in books, conversation, or in name lists – which to me doesn’t make sense. Why *baby* names? The name normally lasts for the life of its recipient, even after death! [...]

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Consistency and tenacity are the ingredients of champions. Now this may not be a champion edit, but consistency and tenacity means that this is 169 posts later than when Life Hack 169 was all an idea in my head. Consistency + tenacity + action = realization of a goal I’ve missed more opportunities than I [...]

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The ‘you’ in your head does, or sometimes does not do things you’d like. Often we aren’t as we wish to be – fulfilling our true potential. Combining this thought with the concept that after a life changing experience, or passing of much time, people say they are different, e.g.  “I’m not the person I [...]

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As mentioned in Life Hack #162 a practical use of a mobile phone note taking application is to create two memos “_On Loan To” and “_On Loan From”. There are a couple of reasons why the memos are usefully titled like this, and these reasons can be used to good effect when naming other files. [...]