How a glass of water can help light a room like a candle

glass of water candle

Is it possible to light up a room like a candle using a glass of water? Well a glass of water is not known for its illuminating properties, and if it was, it probably wouldn’t be the kind of water you would want to drink. So obviously a light source is needed, and one is … Read more

Why weeds are good for the garden

garden weeds

Often weeds are seen as a fauna foe, fighting back against the hard won gains of the gardener’s toil. In short, they suck, and in no small measure too. Though I’m new to the gardening club much of what I’ve heard about weeds is that they are the plant equivalent of pests. Gardening is a … Read more

How applications keep interrupting efficiency

When starting up an application, it is normal for the application window to jump in front of any other open application windows as it does so. This “grabbing focus” is annoying at best, and dangerous at worst. While typing in data into one window, another window appears grabbing focus as it does so, and your … Read more

How making a difficult commute longer can shorten it

Not a conflict of terms in the title, but a reference to a method I’ve used during troublesome commutes. Sometimes there would be a delay or cancellation of  trains, and as a result everyone has to instead take the bus to another station to continue their journey. As buses generally hold significantly less people than … Read more

Why sticking a PIN to your credit card is probably a smart idea

If we are liable to forget something we make a note, we write it down. This fact can be used to ones advantage with a payment vehicle such as a credit card. Write a four digit number on a sticker and place on the card. Obviously not the actual PIN (personal identification number). Now if … Read more

How to cure bus queue jumpers

Most likely you chose to read this post as you feel like I do that bus queue jumpers are uncivil beasts with no consideration for aught but themselves. In the bus boarding scrum an apparent outsider worms their way in front of you and the rest of the queue. The lateral thinking solution to this … Read more

How to never forget your keys, and other pocket paraphenalia.

pocket contents in tray

For the male, pocket contents can be chaotic, consisting of various items to attend to the perceived needs of the day ahead. To bring those chaotic pockets to order with greater organization, and a much increased chance of never forgetting to carry an important item – particularly when changing trousers – the following method may … Read more